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Mobile Medical Exams

Medical Exams at Home

When you are bedridden or housebound, traveling to the doctor's office for routine tests is a challenge. At Izzy's Mobile Medics, LLC, we offer in-home blood draws, urine sample collection, and medical exams. Our friendly, outgoing personnel are happy to come to your home or care facility so that you feel comfortable as we collect the blood samples your doctor needs. We also offer fast turnaround on all test results, providing exceptional home health care.

Mobile Blood Work

Let us come to you when you need blood work done. We have teamed up with hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics to ensure that these types of tests are as easy as possible for housebound individuals. We perform mobile venipunctures as well as a diabetes blood test right in your home. In addition to mobile blood draws, we collect urine samples for those who need urinalysis. Some of the tests that we offer include:

• Diabetic Blood Work
• Complete Blood Count
• Prothrombin Time (International)
• Normalized Ration
• Metabolic Panels

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